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Announcement on the resumption of normal business operation of citygobuy

Announcement on the resumption of normal business operation of citygobuy

Dear citygobuy customers:

Citygobuy has always worked hard and strives to provide the best service in the industry. Although citygobuy is a small agency, we try our best to solve all the needs of customers. It is very unfortunate that a lot of things have happened recently, which has seriously affected the normal operation of citygobuy. For this reason, we have released an official announcement on the official website, so that everyone can understand and choose Citygobuy with confidence.

1. In the past month or so, citygobuy has suffered a thousand network attacks, including traffic attacks, code vulnerability attacks, etc., which have seriously affected the normal operation of citygobuy's website. Very fortunately, all data in our system has not been stolen, we have purchased expensive server protection services for this, and made more repairs and improvements to the system.
2. citygobuy has encountered malicious refunds from some customers, which has a certain impact on citygobuy's payment account. We can determine that it is some malicious customer behavior (industry competition is not excluded). At present, we have reported and appealed with paypal, credit card and other collection companies, and our account has been protected. All normal refunds are fully processed and expected to be processed within a week and we are able to pay all customer refunds.

Due to the attack on the website and a large number of malicious refunds, our normal operation was affected, and the purchase of goods and the delivery of packages were forced to be delayed. citygobuy has invested new maintenance funds for the system, collection accounts, and employees. citygobuy even replaced the office space to avoid further losses. We will start processing all delayed purchasing and logistics on September 19.All delayed orders and shipments will be processed by September 30 and everything will be back to normal. Customers who suffered delay in purchasing and shipping packages will be provided with certain compensation, and Citygobuy will ensure that all customers' needs are successfully completed. Finally, for users who have been supporting Citygobuy for the past 2 months, we will provide compensation services (see the citygobuy compensation announcement for details) to express our sincere thanks!

citygobuy team